GRS Energy (Grand Rainbow Solar Energy)

Are you fed up with having to run your generator every day, spending thousands of your hard-earned naira buying expensive fuel and diesel?

Do you feel powerless having to rely on PHCN, waiting for whenever the light comes before you can use electricity?

Do you dream of a day when you can have 24/7 electricity in a cheap, affordable way?

You may have heard about Solar Energy but you’ve also heard that it costs millions of naira, making it something that only rich people can buy.

So you’re probably thinking that solar energy is not for you because you simply can’t afford it.

Well, think again. There is a company out there that can help you get affordable solar energy.

Grand Rainbow Solar Energy is an amazing company whose mission is to bring high quality, affordable solar energy to all homes and offices in Nigeria.

Why not contact us today and see how we can help you. Our friendly staff are waiting to hear from you.

Call us today or contact us on WhatsApp. Our phone number is 0815 888 7296.

You can also email us: or check out our website:  

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