Chebe Powder and Kakar oil

Chebe is derive from a mixture of a plant known as cotton zambesicus, mahlaba seeds missic resins, cloves and samour resin. Original chebe has a nutty smell, its texture feels a bit grainy so do not be deceived! Chebe powder mixed along side with the karkar oil can be used in two ways; as a moisturizer and as well as a steamer or hair mask. Chebe hair cream, powder and karkar oil! Really works only if you purchase the original one. Chebe powder cleanses the scalp, preventing fungus and other various issues that causes hair loss. The moisturizing effect, that is crucial for hair growth. Hair retention effect. This wonderful herbal powder helps to reduce the hair breakage. So, purchase your undiluted and natural chebe hair cream, Chebe powder and karkar oil from us. Lets aid you with a healthy hair journey. Contact; 08100287039.

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